16 Ways to Save More Money This Spring

16 Ways to Save More Money This Spring

16 Ways to Save More Money This Spring

It's easy to spend your paycheck. But how good are you at saving some of it? You can become better at stashing away some of your hard-earned money with these 20 money-saving tips. Start saving this spring and watch your money grow.

1. Tackle Your Lawn

Paying someone to fertilize your yard, mow the lawn, and trim the grass around your house and driveway can add up to a big chunk of change. Do the work yourself this spring and save yourself some unnecessary expenses.

2. Trim Entertainment Cost

Pile up spring savings when you cut the cable cord, watch more movies at home, and take advantage of free admission days at your local zoo or museums. Look for no-cost music concerts, discounted theme park tickets, and buy-one-get-one local events.

3. Exercise and Save

Do your savings account a favor by exercising outdoors without spending a dime. For example, ride bicycles, take up jogging, hike a nature trail, go fishing, or play tennis at a local park to save money while getting a workout.

4. Cut Your Food Costs

Preparing your own healthy meals at home is a great way to save money and eat better. Browse your weekly grocery store ads, shop in bulk, and check out food discount stores to slash your food costs even more.

5. Revamp Your Personal Budget

If you don't know how much money you're earning each month and where the money is being spent, how can you increase your savings? You can't. Revamp your personal budget to get a handle on your finances.

6. Barter for Services

You can stash a significant amount of cash when you exchange your expertise for someone else's expertise without exchanging any money. For example, if you're a hairstylist, agree to cut your neighbor's hair in exchange for their carpentry skills to install a new storm door for you.

7. Reduce Restaurant Outings

You can save money and eat out occasionally. Download restaurant apps for discounted or free food items on your phone and use them when you treat yourself to a restaurant meal.

8. Slash Your Electric Bill

Enjoy the fresh spring air by opening your windows and doors this spring and save on electric costs. Stack up more savings by switching off your televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, and other electronic items when you're not using them.

9. Compare Insurance Quotes

If you haven't shopped around lately for auto and homeowner's insurance, spring might be an excellent time to compare rates with your current company. Sometimes switching insurance companies can add several dollars to your savings account.

10. Downsize to a Smaller Home

If you want to get serious about saving a big chunk of money very quickly, downsize to a smaller home. A large home typically requires more maintenance, utility costs, updates, and furnishings than a house with less square footage.

11. Take on a Side Gig

Take on a side gig this spring and watch your monthly savings grow rapidly. For example, give music lessons, tutor students, walk dogs, babysit kids, author a book, sing in a weekend band, start an e-commerce business, or get paid to shop for others.

12. Examine Your Current Investments

How hard is your money working for you? Compare certificate of deposit, money markets, and savings and checking account rates at several financial institutions to get the best offer and easily increase your savings.

13. Fire the Housekeeper

You can save big bucks by simply doing your own house cleaning. Make out a schedule to do 30 minutes to an hour of cleaning each day and you'll be done before you know it.

14. Buy Fewer Products

Save some serious amounts of money by simply buying fewer products this spring. Purchase less clothing, shoes, furniture, bedding, and other household items that you don't need.

15. Avoid High-Dollar Vacations

If you want to save more money this spring, forget about taking high-dollar vacations that will quickly deplete your savings. Instead, search out budget-friendly, exciting things to do and see while building up your savings account.

16. Challenge Yourself

Change the way you look at saving your money as opposed to spending it. For example, challenge yourself to spend below your weekly budget instead of thinking you need to spend all the money you've budgeted.

Decide which money-saving tips that you just read can apply to your financial situation. It's always good to save some of your money for whatever you may need or want later. Spring is a great time to build up your personal savings, so start stashing away your cash today.